My name is Kim Messick.  Welcome to this space where I hope you will find grace and peace.  This mission was born out of a difficult time in my own life.  I was trying to reconcile my faith (which had always been conservative, evangelical Christianity) and my love for my LGBT loved ones, and including them in the church community – without them fearing judgment, condemnation.  As a minister of Christ,  my mission for this place is to be a safe place for people to process through a difficult time.  (I am still working through it!)  I really embrace the idea of providing grace and space and respect for you to work it out in your own way, your own timing, etc. I strongly encourage you to do the work of learning, reading, and praying.  Get to know your friends, family, and neighbors who identify as LGBT.  It should change you.  You’ll find that it is not an “issue,” it is people – REAL people.  Together, we can walk this journey, hopefully helping others along the way. God bless!

If I can help you in anyway, please reach out!  Know that you are loved and you are wanted.


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