I want to provide some resources that have been very helpful to me in my journey.  Check back periodically, as I will update this page as I discover helpful things.  I am a strong believer in educating yourself, taking these things before God, and then allow the Holy Spirit to guide and transform you on this sometimes difficult, sometimes lonely, but always deeply meaningful journey.

Get to know your LGBTQ friends, family, and neighbors.  It’s truly the best education.  It is so helpful to hear their stories.  Most of all, if it’s your child, talk to them and actively listen.  Don’t feel the need to always have a response or discipline them for expressing their true feelings, thoughts.  If you can be a safe place for them to express these, you will win their confidence and start the long process of their healing.  Fear of rejection from you is one of the biggest fears they have.  Keep this in mind.  And when you mess up (because we all do!), apologize and start over.

For Parents:

“Mom, I’m Gay – Loving Your LGBTQ Child Without Sacrificing Your Faith,” by Susan Cottrell

Marin Foundation’s Resources for Parents of LGBT Children

“Torn,” by Justin Lee

Article, “Into The Second Closet: Christian Families With Gay Children,” by John Pavlovitz

Blog by John Roe, “Points of Inflection, Parenting and the Bystander Effect”


Help for Suicidal and Homeless LGBTQ Youth:

The Trevor Project  (Also an organization to give charitable contributions if you are the kind that likes to support worthy causes.)

LGBT Homelessness

Reconciling Faith and Sexuality

Julie Rodgers article, “An Update on the Gay Debate….”

LoveBoldly Video “Restore” excellent panel discussion on faith and sexuality with people from different views

“Generous Spaciousness, ” by Wendy VanderWal-Gritter

David Gushee’s lecture, “Ending the Teaching of Contempt..”

Stan Mitchell’s “In This Together” GracePointe Church

LoveBoldly (a reconciling ministry)


For educating yourself on sexuality :

This is the link to a pediatrician’s blog.  One of her blogs, “Unfolding Miracles : Human Sexuality,” is a wonderful explanation of our gender and sexuality development.  She is a wife, mother, and follower of Christ, too!

“Walking the Bridgeless Canyon: Repairing the Breach Between the Church and the LGBT Community,” by Kathy Baldock


This is a devotional by Lysa TerKeurst about feeling rejected.  There are so many times on this journey that we can feel rejected or “in the closet.” Sometimes someone will say something and not mean anything by it, but because of your own wounds you end up taking what they said and adding in a whole story that may not be true.  Examining your own hurts and wounds with honesty will help you discern if someone said something that was truly to hurt you, or if it is a story that you built up in your own heart/mind because of your own wounded-ness.